1800 Flowers

1-800-Flowers.com, Inc. has been providing floral and gourmet gifts to clients for 40+ years and is one of the top rated online flower retailers to date. 1-800-Flowers.com was one of the first companies to utilize a 24X7 toll-free telephone number and the Internet for direct sales to consumers.


1-800-Flowers.com had a problem on their hands. Their ‘Smile Reminder’ program was intended to capture important dates and reminders from existing customers. The data would then be used to serve customers with targeted campaigns, encouraging repeat purchases. Also it came saddled with a fixed fee regardless of the volume of online traffic.

The existing implementation of the Smile Reminder program had a few crippling limitations: the service went down several times a year, especially when traffic peaked and was inflexible to change which prevented the addition of new capabilities.

1-800-Flowers.com approached Söoryen Technologies with this challenge - to solve these limitations of the Smile Reminder program by implementing state of the art technology.


Our knowledgeable team at Söoryen Technologies came up with a cost-effective and flexible solution to the problem. The Smile Reminder Program was rebuilt on Java and Spring MVC open source technology and was migrated to the Amazon Web services (AWS) ‘Elastic Beanstalk’.

The new implementation is now highly flexible and scales capacity and cost for peaks in online traffic, reducing overall operating costs. The successful implementation was eventually extended across multiple brands in the client’s portfolio such as 1-800-BASKETS, Cheryl’s and The Popcorn Factory.


48.7% Increase in conversion

+$5.49 Increase in Average Order Value

-66.7% Drop in bounce rate

70.6% Response Rate